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Media Predictions 2022

Find out why our panel think this is the year for aVODs, a worrying time for 5live, the pressure off for Channel 4 and who will replace Andrew Marr.

Episode 148 – Media Podcast Predictions 2021

It’s our fifth annual predictions special! Join Olly Mann as he floats swiftly through the lockdown homes of our media pundits to discover what the year head might have in store for the UK media industry… and listen as they squirm for being unfairly held to account for predictions made in 2020.

Featuring the predictions of Jake Kanter (Deadline), Faraz Osman (Gold Wala), media writer Maggie Brown, Ann Charles (Radio Tech Con), Matt Deegan (Folder Media) and Iain Dale (LBC).

Listen now >Episode 148 – Media Podcast Predictions 2021

Episode 127 – 2020 Vision: Pundit Predictions Special

Our annual predictions special is a glimpse into what 2020 has in store as The Media Podcast’s panel of industry insiders stroke their crystal balls to bring us prophecies for the year ahead in TV, radio, print and online. 

Some of our favourite contributors share their forecasts, including journalists Alex Hudson and Rebecca Gillie, audio bosses Matt Deegan and Paul Robinson, TV types Faraz Osman and Steve Ackerman, and media analyst Karin Robinson.

Listen now >Episode 127 – 2020 Vision: Pundit Predictions Special