Episode 99 – IGTV, BBC Sounds, Google Podcasting – The Media Podcast with Olly Mann


Join Olly Mann and Media Podcast regulars for our biggest ever Media Quiz to celebrate our 100th episode.

Thursday 19 July 2018, 7pm, Exmouth Market, London EC1R.

Full details: http://themediapodcast.com/live

Episode 99: Media industry news and gossip presented by Olly Mann with guests Rebecca Gillie, journalist at The Week.co.uk, and radio consultant Matt Deegan of Folder Media.

On today’s show: Instagram steps on YouTube’s turf in the battle for millennial eyeballs; why it’s the end of all-white shortlists for BBC management positions and will Question Time survive without Dimbleby at the helm? Plus, a first looks at the new BBC Sounds app, Google’s foray into podcasting and why the Guardian has decided to jump into bed with the Telegraph. And it’s all to play for in this week’s missing words Media Podcast Quiz. A PPM Production, produced by Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry. To keep us on the air, why not consider taking out a voluntary subscription?]]>

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