Episode 87: Murdoch’s Sky Dream Falls Back Down To Earth; Hello Old Friends At Facebook; Goodbye Old Friends At Buzzfeed – The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Media writer Maggie Brown and Somethin’ Else managing director Steve Ackerman join Olly Mann to discuss the biggest stories of the week from the TV, radio, online and print industries. This week: How competition concerns have scuppered the Murdoch family’s reach for the sky; New algorithms at Facebook are poised to reunite friends, but at what expense to media brands? And what future for original online journalism as staff are made redundant at Buzzfeed UK? Plus, it’s a game of guess who in this week’s Media Podcast Quiz. Your donations help to keep the show independent and we appreciate every penny – Go to themediapodcast.com/donate The Media Podcast is a PPM Production, produced by Peter Price. ]]>

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