Episode 20 : The Media Podcast Predictions 2015

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In this first instalment of 2015, Olly Mann invites pundits from across broadcasting, print and online to take an informed guess at what might happen over the next twelve months. The Media Podcast - Presented by Olly MannFi Glover, Ben Cooper and Jane Garvey discuss their expectations for radio in a post-Serial world plus James Robinson looks into his crystal ball to bring us the future of print journalism. John Plunkett, Faraz Osman, Jake Kanter and Lisa Campbell predict the year in television (including contradictory views on ITV’s fortunes). Plus, we take Matt Deegan, Maggie Brown and Paul Robinson to task over their predictions for 2014. Were they wrong? What are your media predictions for 2015? Let us know @themediapodcast or on our Facebook page. A PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill. [full_width_section bg_pos=”Left Top” bg_repeat=”No-Repeat” text_color=”Dark” image_url=”” top_padding=”0″ bottom_padding=”0″]

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