Episode 100: Yet Another Culture Sec & A Sky High Bid

What does another new culture secretary mean for the industry? Who won the latest copyright battle between the internet giants and the EU? What will LBC do with Eddie Mair? Our panel discuss these stories. Also on the programme: we speak to Lisa Campbell from the Edinburgh International TV festival about her top picks for this August. PLUS in the Media Quiz, we guess people, places and things. A PPM Production, produced by Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry with support from Matt Hill. Support the show for another 100 glorious episodes by taking out a voluntary subscription: themediapodcast.com/donate]]>

1 thought on “Episode 100: Yet Another Culture Sec & A Sky High Bid”

  1. On the copyright law that the EU rejected. It wasn’t just links that were a problem. Under the proposal, any user generated content had to go through a copyright filter for the site to determine if it was potentially infringing. So, to use the edited photo example, if a copyright holder wanted to, they may have been able to sue Twitter For not catching it algorithmically before it was posted.


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